These terms and conditions define the usage and privacy principles of the system (Maxtech ERP) developed by Max Technologies Ltd. (thereinafter the Supplier) and the data that is handled within the system.

The Supplier reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use and the contents of the website at any time, without notice.

Finnish law applies to the terms and conditions and the use of the system.

Terms and conditions and notice period

IT2015 YSE General terms and conditions apply to contracts signed before 9th May 2018 if nothing else has been agreed upon in the contract. IT2018 YSE General terms and conditions apply to contracts signed on or after 9th May 2018 if nothing else has been agreed upon in the contract.

Copyright, trademarks and other immaterial rights

The visual appearance and the material published on our website including but not limited to images, texts, software and sounds are protected by the trademark rights, copyright and/or other immaterial rights of the Supplier and/or the Supplier's Partners. All rights to material published on our website reserved.

Personal data usage and privacy

The Supplier manages in its customer information registry the personal data of its customer organizations' contact persons and those individuals that are in a direct contractual relationship with the Supplier. For these people, the Supplier acts as a data controller regarding the personal information related to the customer account. Up-to-date description of the file can be downloaded here (available only in Finnish at the moment).

Regarding other personal information stored in the system, the Supplier acts as a data processor and the customer organization as a data controller. All data processing (in both data controller and data processor role) is performed according to the Supplier's Conditions for data protection (available only in Finnish at the moment) and Security practices (available only in Finnish at the moment). The Supplier has the right to alter the above-mentioned documents. The version of each document can be checked from the date at the top of the document. Any significant changes will be given notice of at least on the login page of the system.


The usage statistics and other common data related to the use of the service (IP-address, browser type, visited pages and visiting times) are monitored on a general level via cookies or other similar technique. The user can disable cookies from the browser's settings but this may reduce some functionality on the site. The collected data is used only for improving the service.

Competitive activities

A person or organization engaging in competitive activities against the service may not apply for the trial or other credentials or use the service with credentials provided directly or indirectly by another party. It is also prohibited to request for credentials or use the system while planning competitive activities or when competitive activities or their preparation is to be started within the upcoming two years. The users are prohibited from sharing credentials to a person or organization that breaks these terms and conditions.

If a user consciously breaks these terms and conditions, a liability for damages to the Service provider according to the Finnish law may follow. The disputes concerning the violation of these terms and rules are handled according to the Finnish Code of Judicical Procedure at the locality of the Service provider's headquarters.

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